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International Conference on The Financial System Strategy 2020

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Presentations of Monday, 18th June, 2007

Finance and Growth: Can The Engine Work for Nigeria?
- Patrick Honohan, Trinity College Dublin


The Financial Industry as a Catalyst for Economic Growth
- Louis Kasekende Chief Economist African Development Bank


Nigeria's Financial System Strategy 2020 Plan "Our Dream"
- Prof. Chukwuma C. Soludo, CFR, Governor Central Bank of Nigeria


Discussion on the Financial Sector Reform and the Economy: Analytical and Empirical Evidence of the Linkages
- Machiko Nissanke Department of Economics School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London







Facts : 1/1/1900
NEEDS:National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy was developed by the National Planning Commission, then headed by Prof Charles Soludo. It was endorsed by the Federal Executive Council of Nigeria as a poverty-alleviating strategy. The aim of the scheme was to meet the Millenium Developoment Goals of curbing the menace of poverty in Nigeria and bringing it to the barest minimum by the year 2015.
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